Key Commands

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Please mind, that all key commands can be changed; in this case, the key commands presented in this tables would not fit anymore.

Pause P
Open Menu Alt
Scroll Views S
Driver View F1
Passenger View F2
Exterior View F3
Free Map Camera F4
Time Table View Insert
Cash Desk View Home
Reset Current Perspective C
Reset All Views Space
Scroll Interior Perspectives Left Arrow / Right Arrow
Information Line Shift + Z
Game Controller On/Off K
Mouse Control On/Off O
Throttle Num 8
Brake Num 2
Throttle Boost / Release Brake Slowly Num +
Clutch Tabulator
Steering Left Num 4
Steering Neutral Num 5
Steering Right Num 6
Parking Brake On/Off Fullstop [.]
Station Brake & Door Release On/Off Num -
Station Brake without Door Release (if available) Scroll Lock
Set Blinker Left Num 7
Set Blinker Right Num 9
Set Blinker Off Num .
Warning Lights On/Off B
Dimmed Headlights On/Off L
Parking Light On/Off Shift + L
Full Beam On/Off / Flash Light F
Cabin Light Lower Deck, Frist on the Right On/Off 7
Cabin Light Upper Deck On/Off 8
Cabin Light Lower Deck On/Off 9
Driver's Light On/Off 6
Electricity On/Off E
Engine On/Off M
Horn H
Microphone Switch (Announcements) Q
Automatic Gearbox: R R
Automatic Gearbox: N N
Automatic Gearbox: 1 1
Automatic Gearbox: 2 2
Automatic Gearbox: D/3 D
Front Door, 1st Wing Open/Close Num /
Front Door, 2nd Wing Open/Close Num *
Give Ticket T
Give Change Ctrl + T
Wiper On/Off W
Wiper Intermittent On/Off Shift + W
Wiper: Washer Ctrl + W
Select Line Rollsign 1 F5
Select Line Rollsign 2 F6
Select Line Rollsign 3 F7
Select Terminus Rollsign F8
Wind Rollsign Up Page Up
Wind Rollsign Down Page Down
IBIS: Enter Ctrl + Num Enter
IBIS: 0...9 Ctrl + Num 0 ... Num 9
IBIS: Delete Ctrl + Num . (Del)
IBIS: Line/Course Ctrl + Num *
IBIS: Route Ctrl + Num /
IBIS: Terminus Ctrl + Num -
Cashdesk Lower Row Ctrl + 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
Cashdesk Upper Row Ctrl + Shift + 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0