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Welcome on the English version of OMSIWiki!

Here you can continue directly to one of the main categories:

Attention: Before changing and creating articles, please read our rules first! You will find a very short wiki manual further down, too.

In progress:

  • --Dario 10:19, 17 July 2012 (MEST) Translating some articles


We (the developers of OMSI) have installed OMSIWiki for getting a better platform for every kind of information dealing with OMSI. At the moment, we plan to have the following topics:

  • Presentation of background information about addon design by us (creating of objects and vehicles, sound engine, script engine and so on)
  • Tipps and tricks or even entire tutorials written by users, e.g. about creating repaints or maps
  • Using of OMSI and especially driving bus could be another topic. Of course there exists a manual, but perhaps there are some things which can be explained a little bit better by other users?
  • Also presenting additional projects dealing with OMSI could be another function of this wiki; we think about OAT or the Addon-Manager.
  • This wiki could also be the right place presenting high quality and complex addons, e.g. manuals for addon buses or descriptions and schedules for addon maps. But we don't want tiny articles about repaints or something like that! For this you can better use our forum.
  • Of course you can also present background information about our maps/buses or addon maps/buses (e.g. stories about the real bus service of Berlin in 1989). But it should be a serious article really dealing with OMSI! Don't write unnecessary tiny articles don't dealing with any addon of OMSI!


Does my new article fit into OMSIWiki?

Each article should fit in one of the categories on the top of this page!

"Golden Rule"

First of all the "golden rule": Before writing or changing an article, please check out if there are changes in our rules! Mainly in the time of commencement, there could be rule changes more often.


  • If you find a tiny or big mistake, everybody is invited to correct it (even if it depends one of our articles)! But you should feel confident doing that!
  • You think one of our articles is too abstract? Then just add a nice example! E.g. I know that I tend to write too "dusty" and abstract if I have to write long technical texts.
  • You find a technical term which is not be explained? If you find it in Wikipedia, just place an external link. If it is an unexplained term of OMSI, you could add a small article about it.
  • To avoid double writings while you have not finished your article, please add the line "Note: This article is still in development!". This can be also useful if someone likes to translate it.
  • If your article has an equivalent in the German language section, please link them together! Otherwise, please add a note like "Note: This article still has no German equivalent!" or "Note: The German equivalent still is not up to date!".
  • If you have fun translating articles, you are very welcome here! If you find one of these notes, feel free to translate the article! (German => English or the other way round!) But you should inform the author of the original article later that he gets the chance to read and check your translation. If you have translated something, please remove the notes and add the links!

Don't Do's

  • Very important: Please think well about the title of a new article! It is not possible to correct it easily. If you add dowdy article titles careless, you will get the chop!
  • bad style in writing! Ok, my English could be much better - but everyone writing here should take trouble writing good articles! Of course if you will find a mistake, you are invited removing it! ;)
  • just advertising unknown, small projects, forums, virtual companies and so on. The idea behind OMSIWiki is not the advertising of projects but being an information platform!


  • Before starting your work, add a brief description and your signature into the "in progress" section on top of this page.
  • If you would like to do larger changes on one of our articles, it would be very kind to inform us and we can keep track of everything.
  • Before starting a new article, it could not be bad informing us about your intention via e-mail!
  • Don't create new categories without our agreement!
  • Please mind the possibility to discuss on the discussion page! Typical source code you will find on Wikipedia discussion pages. And don't forget: the signature can be generated with --~~~~.


OMSIWiki was installed in two languages: English and German. Like on the well-known Wikipedia, articles of both languages can be linked together. Of course it would be ideal if both parts of OMSIWiki are on the same state. Of course in practice, this aim cannot be achieved completely...


In difference to Wikipedia, you have to have an account to make changes. But I don't think that we expect too much... we hope this could be a useful sanction keeping enough control about the wiki.


Some hints for newbies who do not like to read the complete manual. How do I "build" an OMSIWiki article?

  • Signature: Click on the button or write --~~~~.
  • Create a new article: After let us know via e-mail or forum, type the well-considered name for the new article into the "search" field and click on "Go". Because this page does not exist, OMSIWiki will ask you if you would like to create a new article with this name. Just click on "yes" and get to the empty editor.
  • A sensible structure can be created like this:
== Main Title ==
=== Sub Title ===
==== Sub Sub Title ==== and so on.
  • Lists (like this one) can be created like this:
* Point
* Point
** Sub Point
  • A # instead of a * will create a numbered list.
  • Bold and italic:
  • You can add your article to a category (e.g. Driving the Bus) by adding [[Category:Driving the Bus]] at the bottom of your article.

Further information about creating wiki articles:


  • Sept. 9th 2011 - Marcel Kuhnt: Creating of the English Main Page of OMSIWiki
  • Sept. 13th 2011 - Marcel Kuhnt: OMSIWiki is now public



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